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September/October 2008


The Candidates Face off on Health Care Reform

flagAn Actuary Weighs the Proposals

The next president and Congress will need to address the many challenges facing the health care system. Cori Uccello focuses on a few aspects of the candidates' plans.
by Cori Uccello





John McCainBetter Care at Lower Cost for Every American

Health care reform must respect traditional values, reflect diverse preferences, promote market-based competition, and encourage personal responsibility and accountability.
by John McCain







Barack ObamaPromising All Americans Good Value and Good Health

What this country needs is a comprehensive health strategy that builds on the current system's strengths, while introducing interventions targeted at some of the system's most significant shortcomings.
by Barack Obama






What Tho' the Odds:
Rethinking 4th-down Risk

Mathematical models offer football coaches a radical way to optimize offensive production.
by Tim Dougherty





Leveraging ERM Techniques Across Industries

If the banking industry had followed operational risk managment practices that are common in life insurance companies, would the subprime meltdown have occurred?
by S. Michael McLaughlin and Karen DeToro

Live Long & Prosper

Some researchers now believe that certain diseases can be postponed simply by slowing down the aging process.
by Gene Held

Special Section: SOA Annual Meeting


The Boys of Fall
Linda Mallon


Border Corollary: The Effect of Demographics and Migration on the Mexican Pension System
Roberto Ham-Chande

Broaching the Subject of Professional Behavior
Julia Philips

Tracking State Health Reform Initiatives
Heather Jerbi

Credibility and Common-Sense Actuary
Distressed About GLTC

To a Higher Degree
Educational Attainment in Entrepreneurs
Chad Moutray

While America Aged
Roger Lowenstein

What It Means To Be an Actuary
Tom Toce

Take the Money and Run
Mark Danburg-Wyld

Why Didn't I Think of That?
Richard T. Zatorski

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