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May/June 2014

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  • Black Warrior—A Buffalo Soldier Looks Back
    To the Italian people they liberated, their skin color was less important than their bravery and sacrifice under fire.
  • Drilling Down—Demographic and Geographic Differences in Retirement Plan Participation
    Where you live, your gender, race, and educational level, and who you work for are all predictive of whether you will participate in an employer-sponsored pension plan.
  • Bold Man and the Sea
    The year he turned 60, he realized his dream of rowing 2,600 nautical miles solo across the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Revitalizing Reinsurance Capacity
    Life insurers can’t continue to wait for the markets to resolve the impact the financial crisis has had on their capacity. New ideas are needed.
  • Public Confidence—What Does It Take?
    President Tom Terry on the actuarial role in restoring public confidence in public-sector pension plans.
  • Plus puzzles and more

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