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May/June 2012

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  • Knowing Me, Knowing You—Why Cognitive Science Matters to Actuarial Science
    Discoveries in the past 30 years have profoundly altered our understanding of human cognition. The implications for actuarial science and risk management are only beginning to be understood.
  • Market Timing—In Search of the Going Rate
    Property/Casualty insurers interested in nailing down market rates often rely on a fragmented system of surveys in which the answers differ dramatically depending on whom you ask and when you ask.
  • Micro Risk Management—Identifying Small-Business Risk
    While enterprise risk management has gained a strong following in corporate America, those enterprises most in need of risk management remain the ones least likely to use it.
  • Workers’ Comp Predictive Modeling Comes of Age (And Not a Minute Too Soon)
    Where there are reliable data, there’s an opportunity to apply predictive modeling. In workers' compensation, early adopters are enjoying better and more accurate pricing and improved claims processes.
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