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July/Aug 1991 AIDS: The Math Versus the Mask
January/February 1993: Trading Up, Can Private Pensions Rescue Russia?
November/December 1994: The Mortality Follies, Chewing Tobacco, Snuff, Come Tripping Right Behind
July/August 1998: Marta’s List, The Pursuit of Holocaust Survivors’ Lost Insurance Claims
January/February 2000: Health Insurance for Y2K and Beyond
September/October 2001: Charles Dickens and the Literary Actuary
November/December 2005: Enterprise Risk Management, Actuaries’ New Frontier
July/August 2006: First Date With Math
May/June 2008: Black Swan or Black-Scholes? The Crisis of the Actuarial Profession
November/December 2008: Remaking Social Security From the Ground Up

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