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March/April 2014

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  • National Measure—The State of U.S. Math Literacy
    Our students routinely bring down the curve in international assessments of math proficiency. Is the nation—and its actuarial profession—at risk?
  • Heard on the Street
    Auto insurers are embracing usage-based insurance plans with open arms. Their customers? According to social media, not so much.
  • A Delicate Dance—Successfully Managing Actuarial and IT Departments
    It takes two to tango. Can actuaries and IT experts learn to get along? The future of many corporate enterprises depends upon it.
  • Actuaries and Reserve Adequacy
    Common methods used by property and casualty actuaries to determine insurance reserves may actually contribute to the reserving cycle.
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Actuarial JobSeeker, a supplement to the March/April Contingencies, is also available in a digital version. Read about:

  • Nontraditional roles that are opening up for people with actuarial credentials and training;
  • Actuaries who have successfully made the transition from work to part- or full-time retirement;
  • Study findings on the barriers to career progression for women executives.

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